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Tel: 07583 354677

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  • Stephen Hough (Tuesday, November 08 16 07:34 pm GMT)

    Long-standing lower back pain, onset of arthritis in my finger joints, and intermittent muscle strain injuries have all been relieved significantly by Mark Arnold, even though treatments are almost annual. I find the visits very informative and confidence-boosting.

  • K. Balmer (Friday, May 22 15 01:25 pm BST)

    "Calling all golfers! Having suffered with back pain on the golf course for many years and recently a piriformis muscle problem, for complete relief seek an acupuncturist! You'll swing much better
    and walk much easier, take it from me."

  • A. Vrubel (Monday, May 18 15 08:21 pm BST)

    I tried acupuncture as a last resort to see if it could alleviate my fortnightly migraines. My doctors had tried every medicine possible without success. Since having acupuncture I have only
    experienced the occasional light headache, nothing compared to my old migraines. Mark has helped me live a normal life again without fear of symptoms erupting during stressful moments. I also have
    more energy and overall feel a lot healthier. I now only do an occasional top up for prevention. its working so far!
    Thanks again

  • Richard (Saturday, July 13 13 10:33 am BST)

    Mark has been very good in dealing with my young son who has a chronic condition. The biggest problem has been my son's scepticism about acupuncture. Mark has not pressurised him in any way and dealt
    with the situation very sensitively, and professionally. I hope my son will, in time, see things from a less sceptical perpective and I think Mark has started him on that road. Very good.

  • L. Gorden (Tuesday, March 12 13 02:39 pm GMT)

    I went to Mark because I had heard that acupuncture could help with symptoms of menopause. I was a bit sceptical but after one session, the hot flushes had gone and I also felt I had more energy.
    Mark was very professional, explained everything in simple and easy to understand terms, and I felt very at ease. Highly recommended.

  • Paul Brydon (Friday, February 22 13 03:59 pm GMT)

    Mark has treated me for about 4 months and acupuncture has really helped me. I came feeling really sick all the time and to be honest I thought it probably wouldn't work but I was a bit desperate,
    actually I got better really quickly and now I see mark regularly because acupuncture makes me feel better in lots of other ways, I get fewer headaches and I just feel a lot better for having
    acupuncture. I almost didn't call him so I'm really glad I took action and called him when I did.

  • S. Black (Tuesday, February 05 13 09:43 pm GMT)

    Acupuncture has helped with my back pain and sciatica from the first treatment. I only had two treatments from Mark and no longer need my daily painkillers. I was surprised with how much difference
    it has made. I will use acupuncture with you again for any future pains.

  • Steph (Sunday, January 27 13 08:12 pm GMT)

    Thank you Mark for helping with my Migraines. I had suffered for 2 years on a monthly basis and Marks treatment reduced the intensity immediatley. I havent had one for ages, so far so good.
    Very recommended.

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